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Если у вас возникают проблемы с интернет магазином, пишите нам на почту kafkatamura18@gmail.com, мы поможем их решить).


Roy Slaper is a man who makes jeans. But, unlike most custom jean makers, he comes from a background devoid of interest in the history and trends in selvedge, custom, and specialty denim. Maybe that's what makes him and his jeans so appealing and his approach so uniquely refreshing. In an incredibly overly simplified 2-step history, Roy wanted to make jeans and then started..... http://grainandgram.com/theexchange/aconversationwith-royslaper/

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From Hermès to Eternity

Almost two centuries ago, a royal coronation might be delayed until the arrival of its exquisitely stitched Hermès carriage fittings, just as today even the richest women must wait for an exquisitely stitched Hermès Birkin bag. With the family-run French company passing to a sixth generation, the author chronicles its rise to global pre-eminence, where a modern aesthetic meets the humble tools—awls, mallets, needles, knives, and stones—of unsurpassed tradition...... http://www.bagsnob.com/2007/08/from_hermes_to_eternity.html